2448588352_df1737f9ecFictional cities, fictional cities. Human constructions that use the term “city” to legitimize or humanize themselves, to appear to be what they are not, or to hide the absence of the values ​​that correspond to the city. Manuel Saravia< /em> summarizes well these deceptions: city of the image, city of justice, city of golf, city of football, city of arts and sciences, city of light ,… any megaproject sounds better if it is named after a city.
The large military complexes of the Cold War they could also be cities and, furthermore, with the globalizing confiscation after the fall of the wall, their remains can be auctioned off to do who knows what. A boomburb< /a> can also be a city, with its exaggerated growth. A growth that we can also plan in the middle of the Death Valley desert, and urbanize it as a new Los Angeles although later it was left at barely 12,000 inhabitants. We also have things like this nearby, artifacts like Valdeluz City. And Marina D´or also wants to offer us the promises of urban life for the holidays. Poor Truman, with how happy he was in his perfect city. The perfect city looking for theheir to the British Crown. The city is fashionable and sells. The most paradigmatic case would be that of Dubai Internet City, made up of several enclaves also called city: Dubai Health Care city, Dubai Maritime city< /a>,Dubai Knowledge village, Dubai Techno park, Dubai Humanitarian city, Dubai Textile city< /a>, Dubai Media city, etc. Cities within the city. They use the “city” shield to offer something different. And we fall into the trap because, deep down, we like cities, but we don’t know it. Or maybe not, despite being an urban world, maybe this society doesn’t like cities. How else to understand the flight from urban centers towards the residential peripheries? How else to understand the abandonment of public spaces, so characteristic of the city? Perhaps the city is only a dogma and its time has passed. Have they taken the cityor have we let them take it by abandoning it? to their fate? In an urban world, the historical idea of ​​the city is diluted….
Finally, a great video. Ebenezer Howard, Le Corbusier, Radiant city,… to a rap rhythm. Found thanks to Narcis Sastre.