We collect this video about INDITEX to observe the presence and importance that logistics has today in the business world. This giant shows competitive advantages both for its “just in time” production and for the high quality that it offers in its products at a low cost. These characteristics make companies like ZARA the clear dominators of the market. But without a doubt, the pillar so that this entire production process (and magnificent service) is greased is logistics.

Today, due to globalization and relocation of production, logistics is also an essential section for small companies and it is no longer something that only corresponds to large multinational companies. This is the case of many companies whose production centers are located in environments far from their markets and their decision-making centers. It is also true of online sales companies that multiply every day on our computers and mobile devices.

In the video they tell us about the growing importance of this business function and how it works in the specific case of Inditex.