Innobasque has published its “2019 Outlook Report” for the Basque Country. The paper analyzes the impact of demographic changes, the growing role of China, climate change and the technological revolution, the main global trends that will set the course for Basque innovation in the coming decades.

261 representatives of the business, institutional, research and social spheres of the Basque Country have collaborated in the analysis.

We would like to congratulate Innobasque for this initiative that demonstrates its concern to provide Basque agents with tools that allow them to better understand the future that holds us in essential issues for our future, thus facilitating better information for decision-making all levels.

You can download an executive summary of the Innobasque Prospectiva Report from the entity’s own page by clicking on this link.

The pdf contains a summary of the main conclusions of the analysis:

  • Identification and characterization of the most relevant megatrends for the Basque Country.

  • Identification of possible impacts for innovation in the Basque Country and their assessment and prioritization as opportunities and threats.

  • Prioritization of the most relevant technologies for their development and application in the Basque Country.

  • Changes in the concept of innovation and in the determining factors of the science, technology and innovation system

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