317952268_14e96a11bbI discovered today that theCommunity of Madrid recently published, following in the wake of the city of Barcelona and its Map of Research and Innovation, yourInteractive Knowledge Map. We can assume that other regions will follow without much procrastination

Beyond going into comparisons, after playing with the map of Madridmasdfor a while I have to admit that I find it a very powerful and easy to use tool. In addition, the tool has very successful graphics and interactivity. The tool facilitates the search for agents related to knowledge and innovation using geo-positioning in the city. However, it will be possible to take advantage of the full potential of these tools as long as:

-The tool is really promoted, facilitating access to it and advertising it in the right places. For example, although I was aware of the tool developed by the Barcelona City Council I have to admit that it has really hard to find again.

– Ensuring that the information is constantly updated. The tool will be of no use if we cannot count on the information from the latest EBTs or research groups. This update will probably require a significant effort.

Interactivity and integration with other platforms and networks. That the tool is increasingly interconnected with other spaces such as the agents’ own websites, madridmasd, social networks, forums, etc. to allow conversation between agents. From what I have been able to see up to now, the tools in both Barcelona and Madrid suffer from the participatory and web 2.0 factor.

It remains to be seen if these geo-positioning tools have a great success in the field of innovation. In principle, one would expect that the type of agents involved (open to the new web tools) should facilitate their acceptance. In any case, their success will depend on these tools being integrated into other platforms and networks so that they do not become a pretty graphic but inert representation of the Innovation System.

Congratulations in any case to those responsible for this new tool.

(Photo Creative Commons thanks to WorldsIslandInfo.com via Flickr.)