difficult to innovate In recent times I have received a large amount of information through different sources about the different methodologies to implement innovative processes in a company.

Each one of the articles, posts or comments that I have read made business innovation a clearly complex system, which can only be unraveled through the multiple existing processes, approaches and models.

The truth is that there are so many, that it is really scary. Any company that wants or must innovate finds a huge headache, thinking first of what they are going to charge for implementing their exclusive methodology, not to mention innovation presented as a cumbersome process.

Does business innovation have to be so cumbersome, boring and complex? I think not, indeed, I think that innovation should be largely at odds with all that paraphernalia of the long process and bureaucratization, and we should try to reassociate innovation with creativity, spontaneity and simplification.

If we review not only the literature but also the experience, what companies need to innovate is only:

  • Trust so that the people who make up the companies feel comfortable enough to share their ideas, impressions… without fear of being wrong.
  • Tools to solicit, channel and evaluate ideas from the people who make up the company, generate creative project teams, brainstorm sessions… or any other creative collaborative tool li>
  • A environment that allows people to meet and exchange ideas
  • Recognition of creative activity, motivating people to share their ideas, immersing themselves in the innovation process of the company

Of course, the company that wants to innovate must also demonstrate its commitment to the innovation process through its correct management and communication, as well as, of course, giving people the necessary time to be creative and get involved in it. innovation process. It is true that the combination of all these components will vary depending on the company, but flexibility is their common denominator.

Therefore, it seems that innovation in the company is something easy to do as long as there is commitment, desire to carry it out and some budget.

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