Japan will test fingerprint payment infopost

Neither cash, nor cards, nor contactless payment with the mobile. Tourists going to Japan this summer will be able to purchase products and services using only their fingerprints. This is the pilot test that the Japanese government is going to launch, according to The Japan Times, with the idea of ​​facilitating tourism by making it possible to avoid having cash or credit cards with you. The objective is to perfect the system in view of the large flow of visitors that will arrive in the country in 2020 for the Tokyo Olympic Games.

300 establishments in tourist areas (shops, restaurants and hotels) will participate in the pilot test, and it is intended to gradually expand the system to the entire country by 2020. Tourists will be able to register their fingerprints and complementary information, such as your credit card, upon arrival in the country. They will then be able to pay for their purchases or manage their tax exemptions using only their fingerprint. The government also wants the compulsory identification with a passport when checking-in at hotels to be replaced by the fingerprint.