KFC Greenpeace Among others things, Greenpeace is characterized by its aggressive denunciation and awareness campaigns. This time, the victim has been KFC, about whom he has produced aseries of audiovisual materials , as always with its acid note of humor, in the style of the recent campaigns created around the KitKat (Nestlé) or Barbie (Mattel) brands.

The objective of all of them is to denounce the deforestation of the Indonesian forests, where the highest rate of disappearance of primary forest in the world is recorded.

The impact is ensured through the use of icons of modern consumption, generating shocking videos that at times border on gore (orangutan-chocolate Kit-kati’s finger biting moment) but also with funny gags-complaints that immediately capture the viewer’s attention (very good dubbing of Arturo Vals playing Ken when he decides to leave Barbie).

In its day Nestlé announced that it was going to review its supplier policy in relation to obtaining palm oil; Will KFC’s Greenpeace achieve at least a similar gesture regarding the paper they use in their packaging? ?

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