Knowing how to express yourself and transmit what you want is an essential characteristic in today’s business world. Both to motivate workers and to give lectures in front of a large number of people, the ability to know how to transmit plays an important role. There will be people who have these innate qualities but many other people believe they do not have them or believe they cannot develop them.

It’s not like that, it’s all about practicing it and learning the right techniques with the right tools. LMA (Laugh Master Academy), a school of Non-profit Australian comedy, offers workshops where you can work on these skills as a team with the best instructors. With the aim of helping workers and anyone worth their salt, LAM organizes workshops and online seminars in which attendees are taught to trust themselves, solve problems, think creatively, learn to express themselves and work team up. A current service capable of satisfying the needs of companies and for it to work more efficiently and smoothly.