adventure-tech-meet-earl-a-high-tech-tablet-b-L-kxXm3QThis week I met Earl, a startup that stands out for its differential focus on multiple dimensions. The project stands out extraordinarily in its conception, financing and commercialization.

Earl is a special tablet that is targeted at the mountaineering community. It stands out in its conception because it attacks a market segment that seems underexploited and even ignored by the big players: outdoor; a market that is also expanding and characterized by having wide margins and less competitiveness. It is interesting to study the product that Squigle Inc has devised, a complete twist on the tablet incorporating an ambitious customization both at the hardware and software level. In addition to having been designed with a robust casing and screen, a handle and also a solar charger, the tablet includes a series of apps specifically designed for the adventurer: maps, weather, radio, navigation…

In addition, its founders have successfully opted for a crowdfunding financing scheme, managing to exceed their expectations of raising $250,000 and reaching $493,206. Crowdfunding financing fits perfectly in this type of product since it allows the pre-sale of the device at a lower price than the market. The value proposition is clear for both parties: The financier-client can get an interesting product at a lower price and the startup can finance the design/development/production of the product. In this case, crowdfunding made it possible to have this item for $250 compared to the $299 it will cost in the market.

Finally, the commitment to crowdfunding also allows an early marketing window for the product. In a very competitive market such as the manufacturing of Tablets, crowdfunding has made it easier for this small startup to reach its early-adopter segment. Although with obvious limitations, this marketing window has allowed them to overcome the first obstacle to reaching the market.

We still have to see how the project is finally executed and if the tablet meets the demands of its buyers -there are already several crowdfunding projects that have been a complete fiasco- but, for now, we can congratulate Squigle for your interesting project.