Robbie Kellman Baxter, Strategy Consultant, Coach and speaker is the author of the book “Membership Economy”. Board Studios gives us an introduction to the term and explains it in lines General what this practice consists of. For the author of the book, this business practice is equivalent to the industrial revolution in the modern era.

It is not only a matter of attracting more customers, but of converting them into members of the company. If you manage to retain customers and keep paying for your company’s products or services, it is a way for them to place trust in it. What is achieved with this loyalty is that in a market in which competitiveness is increasingly strong and each consumer has a wide range to choose from, your business benefits from both a financial and marketing advantage, since the confidence that deposited by consumers in your business will be the best guarantee possible.

According to the book, consumers become involved with the company for two main reasons. The first reason why a consumer can feel part of the company is for social relationships and the second for convenience. Social relationships are part of every transaction that takes place today. Virtually no one buys something without consulting with their friends, family or trusted people. We tend to seek advice from people with similar tastes and for this reason the opinions of products and services that we find on the Internet and social networks play a fundamental role today. The more ability to advertise, the greater the ability to influence the small consumer.

Another of the highlights is that of convenience. Kellman states that membership offers convenience and one only has to look at the different practices that currently exist. With the member card, for example, it is very common to give discounts to customers that attract future affiliates. After all, who better to influence the decisions of those close to you than a customer interested in getting discounts?

Amazon is a clear example of a company that carries out loyalty. In addition to offering quality services and products and being able to use them at ease without problems. Another great factor for the success of companies is feedback or the possibility of contact between consumers. Being able to give your opinion and express what you think of the service and the product are key aspects to succeed. In short, nowadays closeness and publicity prevail vozpopuli. What influences the most is no longer a controversial ad (which can partly lead to talk about the product) but that people talk about something convinced of it, that is, an ad without the intention of being an ad.