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Milan is considering paying citizens to cycle to work, as confirmed by the city councilor for mobility, Pierfrancesco Maran. The news comes from the fact that Milan, the economic center of the transalpine country, had to ban car traffic for three days in a row last December, due to the high levels of pollution that had been recorded.

The city council is considering giving money directly to those who go to work by bike, or some other type of economic incentive in pursuit of sustainable mobility. According to statements by Councilor Maran collected by Fast Company, “makes sense “Putting public money into cycling in the same way that much public transportation is paid for. The idea is not new, as it is based on a pilot test carried out in France in 2014 in which employees of 19 companies received an extra payment of 25 cents per kilometer traveled by bike on their way to work.

What is worth asking is whether the economic issue or having the appropriate infrastructures to move by bicycle through the urban fabric could serve as a greater incentive for potential urban cyclists.