Fifth day of COP21.

How is COP21 being lived? Today we want to share our impressions of the atmosphere experienced at COP21.

The atmosphere at COP21 is highly pleasant, the French government has taken great care in organizing the event, creating a space that really fits the theme. abundant photography exhibitions, stands of a multitude of organizations, meeting and conference rooms, general meeting areas… and an exemplary security system: the police presence is abundant in the neighborhoods close to the Bourget. Wi-Fi is openly available on the premises, and the various cafes and restaurants offer French pastries, bio coffee, and other organic delicacies.

The atmosphere is dynamic, but tinged with a mixture of hope and urgency. There are presentations on the possibility of change, but also on the consequences of inaction. On the walls are exhibitions on cutting-edge technologies, but also on environmental degradation across the globe. Different media outlets take photos and interview people left and right.

It’s a very exciting environment, with a lot to see, and a lot going on all the time. From Naider, we will continue to communicate what is moving here.


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