With COP21 less than two weeks away, at Naider we are already warming up and preparing for the event. Today, we’d like to share with you a TED Playlist with ten talks covering different aspects of this phenomenon. The list includes the following exhibits:

  • Mary Robinson: Why climate change is a threat to humans
  • Al Gore: New Thoughts on the Climate Crisis
  • James Hansen: Why I should talk about climate change
  • Rachel Pike: The science behind the weather headlines
  • James Balog: Time-lapse evidence of ice loss from glaciers
  • Nicholas Stern: The state of the climate – and what we can do about it
  • David Keith: A critical look at geoengineering as a tool to fight climate change
  • Jill Souble: The Climate Change Song, “Manhattan in January”
  • John Doerr: Salvation (and profit) in green technology
  • Vicky Arroyo: Let’s prepare for our new climate