Ninth day of COP21.

One of the great debates about the need for change in climate change has always been the possibility of scaling energy production so that it meets the entire needs of a country. Many said it was impossible, but Uruguay has shown the world that it is not.

This year, the country of La Plata has achieved generate 95% percent of its electricity from renewable sources. In less than ten years, it has decapitated its carbon footprint without subsidies and at no further cost to consumers. 55% of this new energy is of hydroelectric origin, and the carbon footprint in 2017 will be 88% less than in the 2005-13 period. A true leadership move during COP21.

But we don’t need to cross the pond to see signs of change: last March, Spain obtained no less than 47% of its electricity production from renewable energies. Spain is a world leader in terms of renewable energy, and has been the first country to make wind power the main energy producer for an entire year. Positive signs that show us the path to follow.

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