The weekend of November 14 and 15 we witnessed surprisingly high temperatures for this time of year. The bravest came to go to the beach and even dive into the waters of the Cantabrian Sea. Is it just a subjective impression, or is it not a good time of year for swimming? Is memory playing a trick on us?

According to the NOAA (National Center for Environmental Information), the October average was 0.98ºC higher than the 20th century average (calculated at 14ºC). This means that October 2015 has been the warmest October since records began 136 years ago, making it the sixth consecutive month (and eighth this year) to reach a monthly temperature record. Other evidence of global warming. Let’s hope that this palpable evidence is present during the COP21 negotiations.

Below is the map created by NOAA, showing the global temperature deviation from the mean for October 2015.