12/06/2019: FIFTH DAY OF COP25

On the occasion of the celebration of COP25 in Madrid, civil society has also mobilized. The general public has come to demonstrate. Almost half a million people gathered in the streets according to the organizations. It also highlights the number of citizens organized in different collectives and indigenous, social, civil, cultural, youth, environmental, political, union, etc. organizations.

On Friday afternoon, the march for the climate took place through the best-known avenues of the capital, the Paseo del Prado and the Paseo de Recoletos. Initially, the march left from Atocha to Nuevos Ministerios, but due to the influx of people, the head of the march was located in the Plaza de Neptuno. The march has brought together different groups that have been placed in an orderly manner along the promenade. All the groups have come together with the same objective, to put pressure on the heads of states, companies and pressure groups gathered at the COP. Citizens also want to be a pressure group, specifically the largest of pressure groups.

This same day Geta Thunberg has arrived by train from Lisbon to participate in the great march. March that has had to leave for security reasons. The young activist has reappeared on stage to give another of her speeches. She called on the masses to mobilize, after almost three decades of government meetings, global emissions continue to rise. If citizens and social movements do not put pressure on real change, no one is going to make this change happen.

But Greta’s has not been the most outstanding intervention, despite being the most anticipated and the one that attracted the most audience. It was not that of the young woman, nor was it the controversial words of the Spanish actor criticizing the mobility policies of the Madrid City Council. The first voice heard was that of an indigenous woman from Brazil. This was the first indigenous candidate to run for the vice presidency of her country. Just as the original peoples were at the head of the march together with the Chilean citizens, Sonia Guajajara inaugurated the round of speeches.

The former candidate put the fight that is taking place for the protection of the Amazon at the center of the climate fight and put on the table that a global war is being lived. A war against all the people who defend Mother Earth and life on earth. His message was clear: We need to decarbonize the minds of rulers and economic powers, we need to reforest people’s hearts and restore the spirits of humanity. We don’t have much time, we need to act here and now.

He also wanted to ask the world for help, since Bolsonaro is not only a problem for Brazil, but a threat to the whole world. He also wanted to shout to the world that The Amazon is being set on fire and its defenders cruelly murdered. His criticism has been directed at the destruction of nature and the attack on human rights. They want to recolonize Latin America to impose a single way of lifehe adds. And finally, she concludes by calling for the fight, each one of us is a warrior for the protection of the planet, our lives and future generations.