02/12/2019: FIRST DAY OF COP25

The COP25 Climate Summit “Conference of Parties” has already begun in Madrid. This year the organization of the event has corresponded to Chile, although Madrid has ended up being the host city due to the internal political and social conflicts of the American country.

Today’s day has served to show the arrival and welcome the numerous world leaders. Also today, the more than 190 delegations from countries around the world have already started working.

After the inaugural session of speeches, the political leaders have gathered around a round table facilitated by the President of Spain. Once there, the leaders of the different governments have presented their progress, commitments and agendas for climate action. Of which we wanted to highlight the following points:

  • The president of Bangladesh has focused on the need to provide financial support to countries with high climate vulnerability, as hers has been recognized to be.
  • Luxembourg calls for putting the Paris agreement into action, in line with the purpose of this summit. In his speech, he puts the focus on the conservation of biodiversity. He also highlights the need to electrify transport and mentions free public transport, a pioneering measure in his country.
  • The representative of the kingdom of Eswatini points out that the countries located in southern Africa, even complying with the limit of 1.5ºC, will very likely be drier and drastically hotter, according to the IPCC itself. The call to be more ambitious is clear.
  • The leader of Andorra has put the importance of multilateralism on the table. It claims that there are no large and small countries, in the fight against climate change all territories have something to say and above all, something to do.
  • The President of the Dominican Republic highlights the need to care for the most vulnerable people. It also requests the creation of emergency financial funds managed by the UN, in order to have quick access to money to alleviate the consequences of natural disasters.
  • The Prime Minister of Tokelau (a dependent territory of New Zealand) has emphasized the historical records achieved in recent years. Records relating to the rise in sea level, temperatures and the concentration of C02 in the atmosphere. It denounces the oceanic reality of its territory and the pressure that marine ecosystems suffer due to climate change. And all this despite almost 30 years of talks and treaties.

Naider is in Madrid covering such an important event in the history of humanity and the planet. We will continue to inform you of what happens at the summit day by day.