12/05/2019: FOURTH DAY OF COP25

The fourth day of COP25 addresses the issue of agriculture, land use and forestry. This day has not been chosen randomly as today is World Soil Day. The importance of the soil and forests in relation to the services they provide us includes fixing carbon, providing food, biodiversity, clean water, and offering shelter, among others, it also highlights the relevance of rural sector, local and responsible consumption, and the management of natural spaces for the mitigation and adaptation of climate change. “The more biodiversity an ecosystem has, the better it will resist climate change” underlines one of the attendees.

Industrial agriculture, chemical fertilizers, and bad practices in land and property management are the focus of the day’s debates. Deforestation, expropriation and the drift towards the disappearance of environmentally responsible trades due to aggressive activities diminishes the natural environment’s capacities to absorb carbon and purify environmental parameters. The defense of human rights has been very present in the debate, demanding that mega-projects stop being granted licenses, that illegal timber trafficking be monitored, and that communities be allowed grassroots continue to take care of their territory and not force them to emigrate to other places while their territories are devastated.

On this day the IPCC presents its Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate where they indicate that the ice masses are decreasing throughout the world and the sea level would rise by 0.5 meters if the Paris agreement is reached (increase less than 2ºC). Numerous actors continue to demand protection protocols in the face of the defenselessness of peoples and the environment, where a protest against art. 6 of the Paris Agreement inside the IFEMA facilities: Your message is clear: “NO TO THE CARBON MARKETS!”.

Among the most technological surprises, we have been able to see the Pollution Bubbles that allow us to experience what the air quality is like in London, Tautra, Beijing, New Delhi and Sao Paulo, or simulations Temporal of sea level rises by continents. Without a doubt it is #TimeToAct.

We leave you some interesting quotes:

  • “Subsidies for fossil fuels triple those for renewables. When something is cheap, consumers don’t consider changing their behavior.” Fatih Birol, executive director of the International Energy Agency (IEA).
  • “If we want to achieve these objectives we have to act and implement our policies now, because we know that this transition requires a generational change.” Ursula von der Leyen. President of the European Commission
  • “We want to see an inclusive multilateralism that provides answers to the global challenges we face. We must do more and faster so as not to leave behind the point of no return. We need to lead with our action and ambition.” Teresa Ribera. Acting Minister for the Ecological Transition
  • “There is still a lack of political will to put a price on carbon, to stop subsidies for fossil fuels, to stop building coal plants and change taxes” .António Guterres. Secretary General of the United Nations
  • “Receive inspiration from the climate generation and be able to bring their ideas to the #COP25 negotiations” Frans Timmermans. Executive Vice President of the European Commission
  • “How dare you?” Greta Thunberg. Climate activist
  • “We must promote the incorporation, protection and sustainable management of the oceans in the new commitments that countries acquire”. Caroline Schmidt. Minister of the Environment of Chile and President of COP25
  • “The climate crisis is a public health priority and we need to fight the inequalities it creates” Nancy Pelosi. Speaker of the United States House of Representatives