Norway commits to zero deforestation infopost

Norway became a pioneer country in the institutional fight against deforestation on May 24, committing itself to the care of forests and jungles, not only in their country, but also globally. The Norwegian parliament has adopted a policy that the government supply chain must be free of products that contribute to deforestation in rainforests, as stated by The Independent. The Nordic country is thus the first in the world to include a similar criterion in the regulation of public procurement. The decision will force the Norwegian government to look for sources that respect the ecosystem to provide products such as wood, soybeans, palm oil, or beef.

Beef production, palm oil, soybean or timber extraction in the seven countries with the highest deforestation rates (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Indonesia , Malaysia and Papua New Guinea), accounted for 40% of total tropical deforestation and 44% of associated carbon emissions between 2000 and 2011, according to data collected by Climate Action.