Notes for my city

The ecodistricts foundation has produced a report outlining the qualities by which ecodistricts can be measuring urban sustainability, in which five elements stand out; governance, innovation, assessment tools, resilience and happiness.

Governance refers to a collaborative government in which different stakeholders, both private and public, work together to co-create sustainable solutions.

Innovation, as we can read on the blog “iadb” not only attends to “new technologies, but to a process that considers public space as a means to give the community a sense of belonging”, which is not easy since it implies, just as than governance, teamwork.

Assessment tools are key sustainability indicators in community development projects and are diverse and varied while resilience is the ability of a system to change while retaining its initial identity, function and structure.

Lastly, and how could it be otherwise, the happiness of people who live in the city is one of the most reliable indicators that exist, yes, within the difficulty and subjectivity involved in measuring it.< /h3>