Olatz Madariaga is the lucky person in the draw that we have held in Naider among all the people who have helped us evaluate the Emekin Program to support women entrepreneurs in Gipuzkoa. We have given Olatz a Samsung Tablet that, according to what he tells us, is going to be great for him.

Olatz Madariaga about a year ago decided to launch Amaranta and opened its headquarters in Donosti, “with the hope of offering something more than a beauty center: a moment of well-being“. He had experience in the field of aesthetics, and he wanted to prepare his own proposal. After carefully studying the business plan (with the help of the Emekin program of the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council), the search for the image and decoration of his premises came about until he achieved the effect he was looking for: “that people relax when entering my center, and enjoy some time for her”.

After a lot of work, a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of nerves, he opened his center in October. The reception has been good, and since then he has not stopped training and learning all kinds of new treatments (Japanese Kobido facial massage, Thai Nuad Bo-Rarn massage…) with the intention of having the widest possible range of treatments manuals to apply after a personalized diagnosis.

At the moment he concentrates on the day to day. In learning, improving my service and starting to navigate through social networks to promote my business (“the tablet will come in handy”, he assures us). “I don’t have time to think much about the future, but I would like to expand my center and I hope to hire someone soon. I invite you to meet him.” With your permission, we extend the invitation to all friends of the Naider project. You can visit his studio at Calle Mercaderes 4 or visit his website to see his proposal in detail:

Zorionak Olatz zure proiektuagatik eta eskerrk asko Emekin programaren ebaluaketan part hartzeagatik!