On Earth Overshoot Day, the date that marks the day humanity has exhausted all the natural resources it the planet takes a full year to regenerate, it has been brought forward again in 2019. To be more specific, Overcapacity Day, calculated by the Global Footprint Network , arrives in 2019 on the day of July 29, three days earlier than in 2018. Compared to twenty years ago (1999), the date has already been advanced two months. This date in the calendar illustrates that in order to maintain the current rate of consumption – energy, forestry, agriculture, fish farming, etc. – we would need 1.7 planets like ours.

In addition, a calculation of the date is made for each country based on its ecological footprint. As an example, if the entire world population lived like in Spain, Earth Overshoot Day would have already arrived on May 28.

In order to delay this date again, it is necessary to bet decisively on renewable energy sources, abandon the practices of the linear economy for the circular economy, and rethink our consumption habits.