cycling cities

Evolution is an inherent part of the human process, thousands of years ago we painted animals in the Atapuerca caves, today we are capable of creating them with 3D machines. As far as transport is concerned, we went from horse to cart, from cart to car and from car to bike, wait a second, to the bike? Yeah.

At naider we believe that advancement and progress go hand in hand with new technologies, it would be missing more, but also with sustainability and health. Modern societies are seeing how the bike is taking over from the car, which is why we believe that when society demands a change, those responsible must do what is in their power to facilitate it, and that change involves making cities more accessible to the bikes.

Based on this idea, the American planner Nick Falbo has made a proposal to make intersections safer for cyclists and pedestrians, as we are informed from urban platform. Therefore, he proposes four solutions:

1. Increasing the width of the sidewalks at the corners so that they are shelters for pedestrians would not only allow them to wait to cross more safely, but would also allow cars to always have them in sight when turning.

2. Put a bumper bar at corners so bicyclists are seen by motorists.

3. Separate crosswalks for bicyclists and pedestrians at corners. Viewed from the center of the intersection, the bicycle crossing is the closest.

4. Put up traffic signals for cyclists.