As we have been warning all this time about the problems of greenhouse gases, we believe it is also convenient to give solutions or actions carried out and that does not seem like a simple theoretical discourse. The problem is further aggravated if we take into account that we completely depend on countries in conflict to supply us with resources.

That is why we show you ROKWOOD, a project to promote biomass as an energy alternative. This initiative is articulated through cooperation between 6 European research clusters to improve R&D, market consumption habits, increase investment in wood biomass production plans and its use at a regional level. The six participating groups will be coordinated with the aim of drawing up a joint action plan to promote, specifically, sustainable production and the use of wood biomass.

In this video aimed at the general public, they explain the planting and rotating harvest for. An integrated agro-forestry land use system that combines biomass production with the use of wastewater and purification. The high nutrient and water demand of crops can be met by reusing wastewater and pre-treated sewage sludge, allowing for sustainable nutrient recycling. Wood biomass can be used as a clean, renewable fuel for heat and electricity generation, or for further transformation into liquid biofuels.