Rooftops in France should be green infopost1

A new law passed by the French Parliament has made the French country the first in the world to adopt legislation requiring partial coverage of rooftops of new buildings with plants and trees, or failing that, with solar panels. Environmental groups asked that the law go further and that it will force the roofs to be covered with trees in their entirety, although partial green roofs are a start and the alternative of solar panels may be even more interesting. The law applies to all new construction in commercial areas.

Rooftops with plants or trees have an insulating effect that help reduce the energy consumption needed for heating or air conditioning. Plants can filter toxic elements in the air and also collect rainwater and offer a refuge for birds within the urban jungle. Green rooftops can contribute to enhancing the aesthetics of the city with natural beauty and can become new recreational or commercial spaces for the community. If building owners choose to install solar panels instead, they reduce their carbon footprint.

Cities like Copenhagen or Toronto had been early adopters of similar policies.