Rotterdam, green example The products that we use made of plastic tend to have a short useful life, not so the inheritance that they leave us, a simple plastic bag can take between 100 and 150 years to degrade, come on, little work and long retirement; the greek dream

Those responsible for the city of Rotterdam (Holland) who, despite the redundancy, seem quite responsible, have decided to take action on the matter… and they have an ace up their sleeve. Given that the accumulated plastic is going to be with us for a long time until Mother Nature takes it, they have thought that it would not be bad to recycle it, for this reason, according to what they informed us in the last article on platformhumana, they have opted for the creation of streets and highways using plastic as primary material.

A brave, innovative and sensible decision that we at Naider applaud and take advantage of, thus, to ask our leaders for a greater commitment in the recycling section, since we are convinced that the challenges that the environment proposes to us are sufficiently stimulating.