Fantastic collaborative project where the excesses of the real estate bubble and the artificialization of land in Spain are shown. Rotonda Nation is a authentic visual inventory of the change of use in the territory during the last 15 years. The video reflects some of the most relevant cases, but this review is an invitation to browse among the hundreds of spots that the project includes. For the most adults, a relic in which they will see reflected what their eyes have already seen over time. For the youngest, a way to learn about the history of the real estate boom and, above all, the visual effect that it has brought about, since the economic situation is already suffering first-hand.

The project includes loud and media urban excesses and also multiple small blunders that together make up the map of the real estate bubble and the culture of land artificialization that has prevailed for many years in Spain. Hundreds of locations of which we can see the before and after. Undoubtedly, a great job for lovers of urbanism and planning. Now all that remains is for us to at least learn from the past and gradually equip ourselves with greater environmental and territorial sensitivity.