The startup Zero Mass Water has developed a new type of solar panel – called Source – that absorbs water from the air, make it drinkable, and, according to the company, supply the daily needs of a family of four. The technology, which has been echoed by Fast Company, is part of the efforts to democratize access to drinking water for the entire world population, and is being tested in pilot programs in Ecuador, Jordan, Mexico and USA

The technology to absorb water from the air is well known – air conditioning systems do it –, the difference is that the system does it very efficiently, it purifies the water and adds calcium and magnesium, and it does so autonomously with energy from the sun, without the need for it to be connected to another energy source.

The promoters of the technology hope that the system will not only help the poorest on the planet, but also a large part of the population with sufficient income that does not have adequate infrastructure and depends on buying bottled water.

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