South Korea a 32-km cycle path covered with solar panels infopost

The highway between the Korean cities of Daejeon and Sejong is characterized by having a 22 km long two-way track, exclusively for cyclists, covered with solar panels to generate clean electricity. The idea of ​​covering a track with solar panels also has the advantage of protecting cyclists from excessive sun or rain and snow, but the location of the cycle path in the middle of the highway generates mixed feelings that it actually , design continues to prioritize cars.

Many voices suggest that the location of the track keeps cyclists away from contact with nature and exposes them directly to contamination from cars, or to possible accidents that exceed the barrier of the guard rails. The commitment to clean energy generation and the provision of sustainable transport alternatives is promising and important, but it would seem better to apply this type of ideas in spaces where bikes are protagonists, instead of accommodating cyclists in designs that they continue to prioritize cars.

In any case, we invite you to observe the innovative bike path in the following video and give your opinion for yourself: