Hands holding clear green meadow with sun battery block, wind mill turbines and city skyscrapers. Concept for ecology, growing business, freshness, freedom and other lifestyle issues. Green fields collection.

A topic on the order of the day due to the incredible and unstoppable growth of cities is that of Smart Cities. One of the main objectives of this trend is Eco-efficiency through sensors that reduce all kinds of transaction costs, both time and environmental.

Creating sustainable cities for the future is one of the most important tasks today. Aware of them, a joint ICT project between Japan and Europe has been launched, called clouT, which gets citizens involved in the smart growth of cities. clouT provides infrastructures, services, tools and applications that will be reused by different stakeholders in the city such as municipalities, citizens, service developers and application integrators.

The goal of all this is to create, deploy and manage user-centric applications so that they can take advantage of the latest developments in the Internet of Things and cloud domains . This opens a door for citizens so that they can interact with the city through their mobile devices and tablets, helping its administrators in decision-making.

On the VIMEO platform we can find very interesting videos in which we are shown practical cases of how this project can be beneficial to manage the city’s resources, to deal with emergencies or to improve the health and well-being of residents citizens.

Credit: ClouT