Many times, it is difficult for us to have a complete picture of all the variables that contribute to sustainability and it is really difficult for us to assess where we are in the process. Are we making progress? Are we doing it right? Are other municipalities similar to mine doing better? What type of actions would be most effective in my municipality to take a leap forward? How can I best plan for all of those elements?

Thanks to the support of IHOBE and the FEDER Funds, we have developed a tool aimed at positioning municipalities in a state of sustainability, evaluating their performance in the pillars of environmental sustainability: Naturalization, Energy, Mobility and Waste. In addition, the tool allows us to project a future scenario based on the priorities and lines of work of the municipality in order to know the possibilities of improvement towards more sustainable municipal ecosystems.

On this occasion, we have had the presence of environmental technicians from Santurtzi, Bermeo, Zuia and Legutio who have been able to learn about the results that the tool emerges, as well as some personalized intervention guidelines to move towards greater states of sustainability. The results have been very enriching and have helped us gain a deeper understanding of the realities and challenges faced by the municipalities in our territory. We have observed with pleasure that the environmental technicians who have accompanied us have a high degree of demand on their own municipalities, which encourages us to propose ambitious objectives towards territorial balance.

During the next few weeks we will continue to carry out Workshops for local planning in environmental matters. If you want to carry out the positioning of the municipality and see the possibilities of action, we invite you to ask us for more information by writing to the address< /strong>