sweden-incentives-repairThe Swedish government plans to introduce tax cuts that encourage repairing all kinds of items, in the face of the throwaway culture that we are facing We have become accustomed every time something breaks. The proposal presented to parliament includes a reduction in VAT, from 25% to 12%, for the repair of bicycles, clothing and footwear. In addition, it would allow taxpayers to claim the refund of half the cost of labor in the repair of household appliances, whether they are washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators or ovens.

The governing coalition, made up of Social Democrats and Greens, believes that these measures could significantly reduce the cost and motivate the more rational economic behavior of repairing assets, as reported by The Guardian. They estimate that, thanks to the reduction in VAT, a repair costing 400 crowns (about €42) could drop by around 50 crowns (€5.20). With these measures, the government hopes to boost the repair sector and stimulate the creation of new services and new jobs.

Sweden has reduced its carbon dioxide emissions by 23% since 1990 and produces more than half of its electricity from renewable energy, but emissions from consumption have increased, which is why the Focus on reducing the consumption of new materials. The promoters link the proposed measures with trends such as the culture maker or the collaborative economy, of great prestige in the Scandinavian country .