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Tesla, in an effort to make clean energy and energy efficiency sexy and appealing to the public, has unveiled new solar panels, developed together with Solar City, virtually indistinguishable from conventional roof tiles. The resulting solar roofs are paired with a new generation of its PowerWall home batteries and a new charger for the Tesla electric cars to provide a comprehensive solution that generates enough energy to run a home and your vehicle.

The panels initially come in four styles that mimic four types of traditional roof tiles and textures, including terracotta and slate, so the building will not appear to the street view to be covered in solar panels and is reduced visual impact. The tiles connect to the PowerWall 2 battery, which can store 14 kWh of energy, and power the home overnight. At the moment neither the price nor the availability of these new solar roofs are known in detail, although it has been announced that the first installations will take place next summer.