3017515135_2b8ab4f3a4Annual BloomergBusinessWeek presents a list of the fifty most innovative companies in the world. Last week they published 2010 list highlighting that, for the first time in history, this list is dominated by foreign companies (from outside the US) and a relentless rise of Asian companies.

Asia no longer just copies but innovates and a good example is at number 8 on this list: BYD (Build Your Dreams). It is a company that began its days in 1995 manufacturing mobile batteries, which today sells cars in China and has interesting new products: electric and hybrid cars, and solar technology. Warren Buffet recently invested in this company which has made it a serious bet for become a global leader in products such as electric cars, hybrid cars and solar energy.

The only Spanish company on the list is Banco Santander which appears in a modest position (42).

(Image Creative Commons thanks to paul (dex) busy via Flicr)