The demand for Big Data professionals infopost

Companies are increasingly aware of the importance of Big Data for decision-making, agile decision-making based on forecasting the evolution of the organization, customers and competitors. But it is necessary to know how to extract, refine and use the data. In the words of Alex Rayón, director of the Big Data program at the University of Deusto for Cinco Días, “evidence-based management is beginning to spread as a practice in management”, for which reason business schools have introduced specific training.

One of the main barriers to Big Data in the company is the lack of qualified professionals, since there are hardly any specific qualifications, and it is now when professionals can be trained in master’s degrees that combine the technological part with the vision of business. The newspaper Expansión cites as one of The new professional profiles most in demand are that of Big Data Specialist, an expert capable of analyzing the data generated, interpreting it and drawing strategic conclusions. Among the outstanding job opportunities are Chief Data Officer (CDO), for which you need to be a graduate in careers such as engineering, computer science or telecommunications with statistical training, or Digital Analyst< /strong>, which combines quantitative and qualitative data from the digital environment.