Actor Edward Norton gives a voice to the land in this saga of videos made by the environmental organization Conservation. The saga is titled Nature is Speaking and celebrities such as Julia Roberts, Harrison ford and Kevin Spacey among others give voice to different parts of the planet to make a criticism and try to make the world aware of the misuse that we are making of this. Some other time we have shared another video of this same campaign.

Given the limited case that is made to scientists and experts in the field, it seems a good idea to put the voice of celebrities and idols on them to see if that way people become aware once and for all. Edward speaks to us in the first person as if he were the earth to explain how the treatment that is being given to it is not correct, in addition to reducing it to dust. An overexploitation of the land will not cause more than problems in the future and therefore we have to be aware of the use we make. The idea is ingenious and innovative, but we don’t know if the commitment of these celebrities and that of the big production companies they work for goes far beyond giving up their image or if it is a skillful marketing tool.