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Ray Tomlinson, the person behind the first email in 1971, passed away earlier this month, and the New York Magazine published an article stating the fact that it can be the greatest tribute to the memory of the inventor of email: 45 years later, it has not yet been supplanted by any other better system, in the field of asynchronous communication. If the spam industry keeps filling our trays, it must still be profitable, right? The move from the PC to the smartphone only strengthened email.

The at sign and the categories for “subject” and “recipient” invented by Tomlinson are still around, though they have been announced as soon to be gone several times in recent years. The Slack application, for example, has had a lot of buzz in recent months as the cause of the final death of email, but although it is an excellent communication tool for internal communication in a company, as is the case with other apps of instant messages and social networks, it is not as effective for communicating with those who are outside our environment.