We may not see real gender equality. The Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2016 The World Economic Commission estimated the time needed to reach parity at 170 years, if we continue at the current rate of progress. And the digital transformation, which is revolutionizing the economy and every aspect of our lives, can be harmful if we allow women to remain underrepresented in the tech sector.

According to the report on the gender gap in the framework of the fourth industrial revolution of the World Economic Forum, women only account for 26% of tech employment. In an even more worrying fact, women only obtain one STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) job for every twenty that are lost in other sectors, while the ratio for men is one for every four. According to data compiled by Jenny Darmody of the Silicon Republic, the big companies that are leading the digital economy They are not setting an example, as women represent less than 25% of their technological employment:

If the rate of entry of women into jobs in IT, technology and engineering fields remains so weak, they may not only miss out on tomorrow’s best job opportunities, but face a likely decline in influence on the biggest changes economic and social issues that we face. In turn, the refusal to integrate the talent of half the population threatens the sustainability of the world we are building.