Gentrification of cities arrives

The processes of evolution of cities vary according to both political, economic and temporal factors, in any case, there are processes that are common to each other; With the advent of globalization, large cities are more interconnected than ever and tend to imitate each other. One of the latest changes that the largest capitals are beginning to suffer is the “gentrification” of neighborhoods with lower incomes.

This new concept explains the aristocratization that these neighborhoods suffer; areas of cities that become “fashionable” and that bring with them an increase in prices that ends up expelling many families unable to face the expenses originated by these new changes.

Family businesses and small businesses are usually the first to be affected by these changes, since in their case they see how many large firms settle near them, aware of the new business opportunities that are presented.

Collectives such as Todo por la Praxis and Left Hand Rotation advocate shedding light and notoriety on these processes that, in the opinion of many economists and sociologists, still only segregate more society.