The Council of Ministers approves the Strategic Project for Economic Recovery and Transformation that aims to advance the transition towards a more sustainable, efficient and competitive economic model.

The Council of Ministers approved on March 8 in Moncloa the Strategic Project for Recovery and the Economic Transformation (PERTE) of Circular Economy. PERTE has set itself the objective of giving a definitive boost to the incorporation of the circular economy in industry.

However, the document expresses the need to overcome the current linear model based on using and throwing away, due to the pressure exerted on the planet and the finite natural resources.

The PERTE considers two lines of action. In the first line, three key sectors (textile, plastics and capital goods for renewable energies) in which to articulate specific support measures to achieve a model circular. In the textile and plastic sector, it is advocated promoting eco-design and reuse and recycling. In renewable energy, on the one hand, you want promote the use of batteries, and on the other, it is intended to address the treatment of waste from wind and photovoltaic plants due to the exponential increase in its use.

The second line of action is intended for all sectors of activity, articulating Aid to promote the circular economy in the field of the company. The aid, which amounts to 192 million euros, falls into the categories reduction in the consumption of virgin raw materials, ecodesign, management of waste and digitization