The Council of Ministers of the Government of Spain approves the Bill for the Prevention of Food Losses and Waste to try to reduce the waste produced throughout the food chain.

The Council of Ministers of the Government of Spain approved on June 7 the draft bill to address the problem of food loss throughout the entire chain, from harvest to supply.

The regulations provide that all companies in the chain have a prevention plan that adopts measures to avoid loss, based on a self-diagnosis of its processes. sayings prevention plans should prioritize the use to be given to food before reach the landfill, prioritizing human consumption over other Destinations. For this, companies must sign agreements with recipient organizations such as food banks.

In the restaurant sector, establishments should be proactive in notifying their customers who can take home leftovers. in grocery stores and supermarkets, products whose expiration date is close must be be offered at reduced prices.

The project aims to respond to point 12.3 of the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda, which sets as a goal “to halve food waste per capita worldwide in retail […] and reduce food losses in the production and supply chains […]”.