The big-boot of Tesla Model 3< /h3>

Tesla, the leading Silicon Valley electric automotive company, unveiled its latest Tesla Model 3 electric car for the first time on Thursday March 31. It is the most anticipated and important model of the company; Until now, Tesla models had been aimed at wealthy customers looking for luxury, but with Model 3 they intend to popularize the electric car and make it reach the general public, with a more affordable starting price of 31,000 euros. It has a range of 350 kilometers per charge, five seats, autopilot, and a 15-inch touch screen that acts as an on-board panel.

Since its introduction, in just four days, it has registered more than 276,000 orders, a portfolio that is equivalent to about 9,000 million euros, and the CEO of the company Elon Musk says he hopes to reach 500,000 orders before the second launch event of the model, still without date. To put it in perspective, today there are about 110,000 Tesla cars in circulation in the world, and in the US there are 116,000 electric cars of any make on the road.

Tesla will begin shipping orders in late 2017. The purchase order requires a non-refundable $1,000 down payment. Tesla assures that the high demand received was not expected and that they will be forced to modify their production plans. Musk has also stated that they will have to open a production facility in Europe to supply the European market.