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Among the factors that can cause a website to be penalized in the ranking returned by Google for a certain search, is the fact that the website is not ready for mobile devices, that is, it does not have a responsive or adaptive design so that it can be seen correctly on the screen of a smartphone or tablet. At least this is the case since April 21, 2015, the date from which Google recognizes that responsive design is taken into account by its algorithm, along with other criteria, for organic search results – results that are not advertising – . And, according to the announcement made by Google on the 16th of March, as of May 2016, mobile optimization will have even greater weight for the visibility and presence of the web in the search engine – in order to obtain traffic.

However, although many still think – or we think – about the web experience from the perspective of the PC, more and more users access the Internet mainly or exclusively through mobile devices. According to data from the Annual Study of Mobile Marketing 2015 of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, the smartphone is the main Internet access device in Spain (85% daily); therefore, it is not surprising that search engine algorithms value adaptation to mobile phones more and more thinking about the value given to users.