Little-girls spend more

It seems ironic but it has little of it, small companies add, in total, double the investment in advertising than large ones, the amount directed to this item having increased up to 13%, as can be seen through the report ‘Yellow Pages Census 2015’ carried out by the consultancy GfK.

In addition, the report states that close to 67% invest in advertising and up to 47% are present in digital media or social networks.

As far as social networks are concerned, it seems that they have established themselves as the preferred medium to be seen by consumers, having jumped to 145 this last year and leaving the final percentage at 50% of SMEs.< /h3>

Regarding investment in advertising through third parties, 85% have contracted advertising even though it is not on the Internet.

These data reveal the growing importance that SMEs give to investment in technology and advertising, coinciding with a stagnation of investment by large companies.