Health professionals and engineers and technologists — from different fields, companies and organizations globally — are joining forces through the network to provide open source alternatives to critical supplies in the medical and hospital system, in the face of possible stockouts . As proof of this, in the public group Open Source COVID19 Medical Supplies ideas and plans for manufacturing some medical items easily and cheaply through 3D printing, as well as other types of accessible solutions.

An essential device for caring for those affected are artificial respirators, and to prevent hospitals from running out of equipment, a network of professionals — coordinated in the State by the Basque technology center Tecnalia — is developing the form to quickly make fans using tools from digital fabrication and maker culture. The professionals who are already involved in the Open Source Ventilator Project are identifiable on social networks through the hashtag #CheapVentilators.

Digital manufacturing “consists of the use of an integrated and computer-assisted system made up of simulation tools, 3D visualization, analysis and collaboration” that together with 3D printers opens up a universe of possibilities that can end up being of great value. useful in situations of need such as the current one.