We have always associated the mobile phone with the business world or with the service sector. But what about agriculture? If we went out and asked people for a list of useful utensils for these workers, no one would mention the mobile. The truth is that it is a mistake since as Melinda Gates he explains to us in this video, it can have incredible value and more so in African countries where farmers are 70% of the population.

In the West, farmers know a wide range of techniques, but in Africa the collections are usually lower because many mechanisms are unknown. It is here where the mobile plays its first function since they can watch and learn techniques such as rotation and know what to cultivate depending on the season in which we find ourselves. But not only that, they could also look at the weather forecasts and the fluctuations in the market prices of their products through the messages.

Banks cannot or do not want to serve such poor people and do not work with such small money transactions. This is where mobile comes into play again, enabling through Digital Banking that farmers carry out their small transactions and save money without cost and safely. As long as the use of the telephone is given in an equal way, both to men and women, the contribution to economic and social growth will be fairer and more efficient.