The paper of paper

It is true that paper occupies an essential place in our daily life, even so, in the same way, it is undeniable that society must find an alternative and definitive path to paper production; highly polluting and causing the greatest deforestation that the planet has suffered in history. Fortunately, more and more companies have focused on a sector with a wide margin for improvement and which is crying out for a revolution.

The production of paper is harmful to the environment from the beginning to the end, to begin with the exorbitant consumption of wood and water creates a considerable expense, to this we must add the high carbon footprint that it leaves due to its transport and finally It is necessary to mention the huge amount of chemicals used at the time of its production.

All of this does nothing more than fuel the debate on the “role” of paper in our society and of actors such as paper mills and the social responsibility of recycling.