64563416_49b9663a15_oYesterday I saw a documentary on the Documentos TV program from< a href="http://www.rtve.es/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Spanish Radio Television that I liked and want to share on this blog, which by the way had been around for some time I did not upload any article, news or similar.

Through interviews with experts from the most prestigious North American universities, the documentary tries to answer the following question: Do our emotions dictate economic decisions or are we simple rational calculators that look out for our interests?

The documentary talks about some scientific tests that dismantle rational economic thought, according to which the individual always calculates the risk involved in spending more than what is saved. These scientific essays try to show that when it comes to making decisions related to money, the mind behaves irrationally and that it is feelings and not reason that move the markets. Several trials have apparently shown that mentioning money activates the same brain circuits as when talking about drugs, food, or sex.

Why would someone pay $28 for a $20 bill? It is one of the experiments that can be seen in the documentary. You can see it here .