Smart for everyone

The concept of smart city seems to be quite a well-established term nowadays, despite the fact that there is still a lot to advance and improve, as a result of this, and with the intention that “smart” does not remain just for The urbanites, the Valencia Provincial Council and the Cellnex Telecomon company have presented a pilot program that aims to eliminate the digital divide between small and large municipalities called “Smart Cities Dival”.

In this way, it is intended to equalize, or at least reduce, the current difference in terms of the quality of services, modernizing the services and achieving greater efficiency in the services provided while saving on costs, Towns where the project is planned to start are Alzira, Genovés, LÓlleria, Venta del Moro and Xeraco.

This project will last approximately 18 months and if the results are positive, it is not ruled out that in a couple of years it could gradually be implemented in other municipalities of the community.