The Basque network of municipalities towards sustainability, Udalsarea 21, which since 2002 has promoted the development of local sustainability public policies in the Basque Country, has developed a system designed to annually measure the sustainability of each municipality in the Basque Country.

This new system has evolved from that of 2003, adapting it to the new needs and capacities of the territory. Thus, the system of local sustainability indicators (SISL) delves into the measurement of environmental, social and economic aspects, incorporating new governance indicators.

Thanks to the SISL, a common framework is established for all the municipalities of the Basque Country, where it is vital that the measurement standards are comparable and facilitate the use of the results in the adoption of new public policies. In the same way, sharing the results makes it possible to analyze them at a supra-municipal level and make decisions that are more tailored to the needs.

The introduction of the system to a digital platform enables continuous updating while facilitating the introduction of data, offering a flexible tool for the user and very useful when interpreting the information. This system is integrated into the online computer application “e-mugi”, designed to gain accessibility and functionality in the use and management of data.

This system adds to the comprehensive service offered by the network of municipalities, free technical assistance, effective planning, GHG Inventory calculation and accessibility to the tak21 System, which allows evaluating the quality of the implementation of local agendas 21. In this way, Udalsarea makes available exclusively to the municipalities that are members of the network a novel model of integral management of the processes of Local Agenda 21.